About Us

About Us

Our Story

Passion, vision and the spirit of martial arts and sports fitness training are the cornerstones of all that Dakota Fightgear does.

Founded in 2011 with a global customer reach, Dakota Fightgear is a supplier of affordable, premium quality boxing training equipment and apparel products for boxing and fitness enthusiasts in the competitive and recreational fitness arenas. Our customers range from the very young amateur to the mature and seasoned professional.

Dakota Fightgear embraces the tremendous personal benefits that our youth derive from learning the fundamental elements of personal fitness and martial arts training.

Our Passion

We’ve dedicated night and day to research, design, and manufacture boxing gloves, fighting apparel & uniforms, MMA gloves, protective and training equipment including punching bags, speed balls, boxing targets and more. Design standards for the products we offer are premium and the lines we carry are made for long-lasting durability, safe training, and competition experience.

Our customers, whether at the amateur or champion level, need quality protective gear at affordable prices. Protective impact absorption is critical for all levels of training and competitive sports and our customers look to Fighters Inc. to deliver competitive, fitness, coaching and training equipment and apparel at a reasonable cost. Our growing and loyal customer base steps into the ring with the confidence of knowing that their equipment and protective gear measures up to the highest standards.

We focus on product quality, while keeping our customer service and satisfaction second to none.



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Our Mission

We envision the greatly inspired determination of the romantic hero in life, the ‘underdog’ who, from their impoverished life through years of struggle, rises above their adversities to become a champion! Through training in sports fitness and the martial arts disciplines the individual learns to embrace philosophies of leadership, building character, personal development, and growth, finding inner balance, personal fitness and weight control, healthy lifestyle, reduction of stress, improved physical and mental conditioning, integrity, perseverance, self-confidence and empowerment for success.

Our mission is to help ensure that youth, especially those from less fortunate families, have every opportunity to realize positive life changes and personal growth to their greatest potential.